Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do when I enter a Mandola's Italian?
A: Place your order with one of our smiling cashiers, you will receive a number. Sit at any table inside or out. Place the number stand on your table & one of our employees will bring your food right out!

Q: Is it a restaurant? A grocery? A deli? A coffee bar? A bakery?
A: All of the above. Our restaurant has pasta, pizza, salads & sandwiches. Our deli features imported salumi, cheeses & antipasti dishes. Our bakery has a large selection of authentic Italian cookies, cakes & pastries. Our grocery has a fantastic array of imported goods as well as an extensive wine selection. Come in & browse. You'll find competitive prices plus delicious imports that you might not see at your corner grocery store.

Q: Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, we do. Please click here to purchase a gift card. The gift card will be emailed to you and can be used at any of our 3 locations. 

Q: Do you take reservations?
A: At this time, we do not take reservations. Occasionally an exception is made for a large party. If you have special accommodations to be met, please contact our store directly.

Q: How kid-friendly is your restaurant?
A: Family is extremely important to us and the younger members of the family are certainly no exception. We have child sized tables along side the adult sized, for your kids to enjoy a dining experience all their own. Our kid's menu features pizza, pasta & chicken fingers. We have baby changing tables in both women's & men's restrooms. Free Gelato with dinner for kids.

Q: Do you sell T-shirts and hats?
A: Yes. We have a wide selection of t-shirt sizes with fun slogans. Our hats are sold in four different colors. We even have baby onesies!

Q: What is the relationship between Mandola's Italian and...?
A: We're Italian, so naturally our family is large and very deeply connected to the food industry. Branches of our family tree extend to a large portion of Houston's and more recently, Austin's restaurant scene.

Q: Do you serve whole wheat or gluten free pasta?
A: Yes. We are happy to serve whole wheat and gluten free pasta by request. 

Q: Can I get ranch dressing with that?
A: Mamma didn't serve ranch dressing, so neither do we. Try the garlic fries with our creamy garlic parmesan dressing. You could also try our marinara or pesto mayo. You certainly won't be missing the ranch.

Q: What's this Margherita and where's my tequila?
A: Sorry, you're thinking of a different Margarita. Our Margherita is our most popular pizza. It's named after Queen Margherita, wife of Italy's King Umberto I. The marinara, mozzarella cheese and basil represent the colors of the Italian flag.

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi?
A: Yes. Come in, enjoy a cappuccino & read your favorite Italian food blog. If you feel inspired, the Market has exactly what you need to make a fabulous meal at home.

Q: Is that a slushy?
A: No. Actually, that's our Bellini swirling behind the cashiers. Bellini is a mixture of Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine) and peach puree. Yummy and refreshing!

Q: What's the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?
A: Gelato is generally denser, richer & more flavorful than American ice cream. In addition, the cream to whole milk ratio in American ice cream is higher than in gelato, making gelato lower in fat.